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Two Book Tuesday

I’ve mostly been taking a break from the internet these last few weeks. It’s so disheartening to hear about how bad the world is and I just needed a break. Just taking time to sit and enjoy the quiet peace of a chair in the sun and some knitting.

After I finish studying for my trigonometry class in the evenings I’ve been re-playing the Mass Effect trilogy of games on my PS3. I’m pleased to say that I have successfully completed a hardcore play through of the first game AND got the platinum trophy for game two… just mopping up trophies left and right, lol.

And, I know it’s what you’re here for, so here’s what I’ve been reading…

This comic follows Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker on one of their early missions to find the source of a distress beacon. They crash land on a planet still fighting the civil war that destroyed their civilization and are quickly drawn into the plotting of each side.

It’s an interesting story, you get to see Palpatine’s machinations in both Anakin’s life and the day-to-day happenings of the Jedi temple… and yeah, it’s pretty insidious (no pun intended, lol).

If you like the Star Wars franchise or either of these two main characters, then I would certainly say that this comic is a good one for you to read.

The cover of The Trouble with Hating You immediately caught my eye in the newsletter I’d received. A moment later and my brain caught up with the title and I knew that I would absolutely have to get my hands on this book!

From the description, it sounds like author Sajni Patel has come up with a witty, enemies to lovers, office romance and I can’t wait to read it. πŸ˜€

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Two Book Tuesday

Still dealing with the Covid-19 craziness. Even though I’m blessed to be allowed to continue working during this time, I can feel mental exhaustion creeping in. So, I’ve been diving into various fictional worlds as a means of escape… it’s also a free vacation, in it’s own way.

The Elven King’s Blade is actually a web-based serial title, written by X. Aratare (or RaytheReign).

Ciaran has been fighting an unknown wasting disease his entire life, a disease which took the life of his mother, and has resigned himself to an early death. He decides to travel to a family-owned cabin with his pet fox, Twig, who adopted him when he was a young boy and has never left his side.

What he finds in the small, country town is proof that he didn’t hallucinate the black riders he and his mother fought and that there is more to the world than he ever imagined. After saving Elven King Aethaden’s life and discovering what he really is, Ciaran decides to follow his destiny and go to the elven realm to fight the ‘forces of evil’ there.

If you’re at all interested in web-serials, then I would suggest checking this title out.

This book was suggested to me by a co-worker at the library. She is very well-read and had only just started reading Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo.

I am familiar with Bardugo’s young adult works, but hadn’t heard about this venture into adult fiction.

As an urban fantasy title, I am expecting it to be darker than my usual fare, but am excited to hop into the world she’s created. πŸ™‚

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Two Book Tuesday

This month’s post is pretty much themed around the O.W.L.’s Magical Readathon I’m participating in during the month of April. I’ve been enjoying going back to books and series’ that I remember liking in the past, as well as venturing way outside of my comfort genres and reading things like straight up romance *gasp*!

Okay, confession time… I haven’t had the chance to really get into this book. Shame on me, but I spent most of my free time sewing up a face mask to wear out-and-about.

Altered Heart follows Mick Matranga as he works to rid his city of the lowest scum out there. Along the way, he discovers his mate, one Rio Hardin, a human-turned-werewolf about the experience his first shift.

I’m pretty sure this is my first time reading Kate Steele, so here’s hoping it’s a good first introduction, lol.

By the title alone, The Perfect Wife by Gina Fields doesn’t sound like something I’d enjoy, but it comes highly suggested by my mother and she has great taste in books, so we shall see.

My mom says that it’s just a “really great story without a lot of extra stuff to clog up the plot” and “one the nicest romances I have ever read”.

I’m looking forward to reading this, even though it’s kind of short, lol.

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Two Book Tuesday

I’ve been waffling between super busy and insanely apathetic this last month. I’ve struggled with a lack of interest in getting things done and my reading goals suffered because of it… but I managed to re-arrange my living space, make progress on a knitting project, and read just a few things, including a non-fiction title that’s been on my “to read list” since 2012!

I first became interested in Nathaniel Fick’s story by watching HBO’s Generation Kill, a show inspired by the book a journalist, Evan Wright, wrote about his time embedded with Marines during the first phase of the Iraq War.

It says a lot about his character, that the reason Nathaniel Fick joined the Marines was because they didn’t say how great they were, but asked instead if he could be great enough to join them. They challenge applicants to be better than even they think they can be and, if they succeed, they will embody the values held by the Marine Corp and will become “The few, the proud, the Marines.” (no pun intended)

β€œYou need discipline most, when it’s hardest to muster.”
― Nathaniel Fick

I listened to the audio version of this book, which is read by Nathaniel Fick, and while the narration is sometimes bland, the content more than makes up for those few moments. It is particularly enthralling to hear a Marine’s thoughts as he makes the decision to join up, goes through various levels of training, and finally goes to war following the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

While serving, Nathaniel Fick’s core objective was to take care of the men under him. I think we hear more about the abuses of power, than about those individuals who truly care to make a difference in the lives of the people they lead… and that’s terribly sad. It is an honor to lead others, be it on the battlefield or in the office, and those in positions of power should take care to remember that.

β€œComplex ideas must be made simple,
or they’ll remain ideas and never be put into action.”
― Nathaniel Fick

Having heard his story through his own words, I can only that the world could use more men like Nathaniel Fick.

On a recent trip to Nashville, I was able to get my hands on a copy of The Radium Girls at a used bookstore, yay!

This nonfiction title is about when radium was first discovered and how, as the new thing, we didn’t really understand the side effects it could have. The Radium Girls is about the women who worked in radium-dial factories and the serious effects this dangerous element had on them.

Can’t wait to crack this one open!

Do you enjoy reading biographies? Why or why not?
What about nonfiction in general?
Let me know what your favorite genres are in the comments!

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Two Book Tuesday

It has been notoriously difficult to get my hands on the books I really wanted to read this month. I’ve had a title requested at Barnes & Noble for nearly 4 weeks with no delivery date in sight, hunted down three books at local libraries only to have them checked out mere hours before my arrival, and just had pretty bad luck all around.

Once I finally found a handful of books to read, I sat myself down and started Bob by Wendy Moss.

Honestly, Bob feels like a story I might have read when I was a child. There is a sense of nostalgia and childlike wonder and belief in the imaginary that brought me back to my early years as a reader.

It was such fun remembering along with Livy and discovering where Bob came from.

The second title for Two Book Tuesday is Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat. It has been on my TBR for an absolute age and I’m going to read it, even if it kills me! (spoiler: it probably won’t)

I’ve heard that it’s about a prince who is betrayed by his brother and sent as a slave to serve the prince of another country with whom tensions are high.

It sounded interesting and it’s been suggested to me a number of times, so we’ll see what the verdict is once I get into it.

What do you think of these two books?
Do you think I’ll be captivated by Captive Prince?
Let me know in the comments!

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Two Book Tuesday

Two Book Tuesdays are getting a facelift… With a new graphic for these posts, tons of books I can’t wait to share with you, and a whole year in which to do so, things are looking up for Two Book Tuesday!

Less by Andrew Sean Greer
Read by Robert Petkoff

I purchased a copy of Less by Andrew Sean Greer and didn’t really know what to expect from it other than it had a cover that made me want to read it.

Fast forward three weeks and I still hadn’t cracked that paperback open!  Instead, I went online to my library’s Libby catalog (through Over Drive) and checked it out there, figuring that if I didn’t have time to sit and read then I could listen while accomplishing other tasks.  This proved to be the correct choice and I managed to listen to Less in about two weeks.

Robert Petkoff’s performance was exceptional. He was able to make me feel pity and exasperation and joy for the situations Arthur Less continually found himself going through. In the end, I was quite happy to see where Arthur’s adventures took him, even if it was in the most roundabout of ways.

Hadrian’s Wall
by Adrian Goldsworthy

Hadrian’s Wall by Adrian Goldsworthy is a nonfiction title I came across while browsing the shelves of my local Barnes & Noble bookstore. I have always been curious about the Roman occupation of the British Isles (I even wrote a short paper about it in school!) and I figured that this title would be of interest.

I had other things on my mind (and in my basket), so it was another two months before I was able to get my hands on Hadrian’s Wall.

I am so looking forward to cracking this book open because it is one of my absolute favorite times (and locations) in history!

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Two Book Tuesday

I decided to do something a little different for this Two Book Tuesday and talk about two scary books that I’ve read recently that sent shivers down my spine and made me want to turn on all the lights in the house.

First we have Bleeding Earth by Kaitlin Ward.  A young adult horror title with a slightly dystopian feel to it, Bleeding Earth has a pretty original idea for an apocalypse where the earth literally starts to bleed and growing hair and bones.  Throughout the story, we follow Lea as she navigates trying to maintain a normal life in spite of the encroaching blood while hoping that her girlfriend will be strong enough to go public (going against her father in doing so).

Even though it has its problems (with plot and actually ANSWERING WHY THE EARTH BLEEDS TO BEGIN WITH), I absolutely could not put this book down.  It was just… viscerally disturbing and nauseatingly descriptive.  Every single time that the blood is described, I wanted to gag, and when they introduced the hair and bones I actually had to close the book for a minute and just breathe.

This book is gross.  It truly is horrific in both atmosphere and the behavior of the people trapped in a world they believe to be ending.  I rated this 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads and suggest you read it if you like Young Adult or being spooked. πŸ‘»

Book two is Down by Ally Blue and is one of fifteen titles that I purchased at the 2017 Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention.  I was lucky enough to meet Ally Blue in person and goofy enough to gush about which of her books that I ADORED!  Over the course of the discussion, she mentioned that she had just finished her first ever horror title and would I like to purchase it?

Now, I am not a huge follower of the horror genre, but I do love Ally’s writing style and honestly, how do you say no to an author who is sitting right in front of you?  I am thankful that I didn’t.  I bought that book and then sat on it for months…  Months that I could have spent reading this!  At any time!

Down is a horrific take on the mermaid mythos that has a distinctly science fiction twist and a smidgen romance.

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Two Book Tuesday

So, I started reading Seven Tears at High Tide by C.B. Lee about two weeks ago and had to put it down because I was busy with work and life in general.  My plan is to start back at the beginning instead of picking up where I left off…

Seven Tears at High Tide by C. B. Lee is a young adult fantasy / romance about a teenage boy who wishes for a summer of love, a wish which is granted by a nearby selkie who overhears his heartfelt plea.

Kevin Luong has had his heart broken by the boy-next-door who decided he is no longer gay and doesn’t want to “fool around” with boys anymore. Instead of spending the summer together with Miles, Kevin is suddenly alone and feeling particularly unloved.

On a whim, he sheds seven years into the ocean and makes a wish, asking for just one summer to be happy and in love. He doesn’t really expect his wish to be granted.

What Kevin doesn’t know is that someone hears his wish. Morgan, a selkie boy, happens to be swimming near enough to hear and hope that he will be the one chosen to fulfill the request. His mother, and matriarch of his selkie herd, grants him permission to shed his skin and go ashore to meet Kevin.

So begins a summer of innocent love, with Kevin teaching Morgan how to be both human and to pass as a normal teenage boy.  But, as the boys grow closer, they begin to realize that there is something sinister in the works in their little seaside town.

Semiosis by Sue Burke just flat out sounded like a cool book.  I remember getting an email about it pre-release date and wanting desperately to read it.  I even texted my friend, and local librarian, asking her to purchase it for the library so that I could read it!

This book appears to be right up my alley, with first contact situations, space colonization, and an alien (possibly plant-based) intelligence. With the summary including fun words like “bizarre, inexplicable, and grapple” who wouldn’t want to read this?  πŸ˜€

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Two Book Tuesday

It’s been rather a long while since my last Two Book Tuesday post.  A fact, for which, I am sorry, but I let both work and school distract me from this blog and am now working to remedy that failure.  While I haven’t been posting, I have continued reading and rediscovering the joy of having a book in my hands, turning the pages and wanting to make notes about each new story.  So, let’s get this post started!

The Sky Below

I am currently reading The Sky Below by Stacy D’Erasmo, an interesting piece of literature that follows the life of one Gabriel Collins, who writes obituaries for a “ratty paper in lower Manhattan.”

Honestly, I can’t stand Gabriel.  He is exactly as the author has written him, a drug-dealing thief who manipulates those around him for his own gain.  However, his life story is a pretty compelling one and, as much as I dislike Gabriel, I can’t stop reading.


As for my second book in this post: Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee is a story I have wanted to read since I came across a review for it in a professional library journal and decided to purchase it for my library’s collection.

It is a super terrific sounding tale of a girl who is trying to find her way in a world full of superpowers, heroes, and villains. Along the way, she gets the chance to be closer to her crush, Abby, takes a job interning for a super villain to spite her superhero parents, and discovers that maybe she has more power than she originally thought.

Seriously, I can hardly wait to start reading this book!  It was ridiculously cool to meet the author at the 2017 Romantic Times Book Convention in Atlanta this year and to have her sign my book.  I can admit to feeling a little awestruck to meet C.B. Lee, she is super sweet and was giving away the best buttons at her signing table!

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Two Book Tuesday

There are a number of upcoming releases that I am super excited to read, but seeing as I’ve called it “Two Book Tuesday,” I will limit myself to just two books from entirely different collections… all the while wondering just what titles you are looking forward to this Autumn?

The first title is Lizard Radio and it is a young adult science fiction novel written by Pat Schmatz. What I noticed first about this title is the cover and if the novel is half as good as the cover then this should prove to be quite an interesting read.

Having just finished reading Static by L.A. Witt, I was surprised to see another title with a main character who does not fit the mainstream image of a single-gendered person.

Kivali, the fifteen-year-old protagonist of Lizard Radio has grown up in a gender-rigid world that doesn’t accept her status as a “bender.” Abandoned as a baby, she doesn’t know where she came from or what she is, but she does have a special gift… Kivali is able to enter a trance-like state to harness the “knowings” inside her.

Just what are these “knowings” and how do they help Kivali in this coming-of-age story? Well, I guess we will have to read this book and find out!

The second book that I am excited to see is a picture book written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers (who may be a new favorite illustrator of mine). The Day the Crayons Came Home is a companion to the insanely popular The Day the Crayons Quit! and is sure to be just as entertaining for children and parents as the first book.

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, Duncan is about to take on the task of rescuing crayons from beneath sofa cushions and inside of socks.

This is a story about finding friends in the unlikeliest of places, surviving the tough times in life, and coming home (to the crayon box).