About Me

Greetings and salutations, friends!

My name is Michelle, but I go by Sly online… really I’ll answer to just about anything, if it’s called in my direction.

In my spare time, I write about various topics that come to my mind; reviews of different media types (books, movies, video games, etc.), my hobbies (travel, archery, knitting, nail polish, and more), events in the world, and other things that pique my interest.

Like most people, I have had my share of both good and bad times in my life and have found that one way for me to work through these times is to write about them.  Writing has always been a way to organize my thoughts and help me to move forward, past the toughest of trials and through to a new day!

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows; it empties today of its strength.”

Corrie Ten Boom

Fun Facts About Me…

  • I have owned over thirty dwarf hamsters at the SAME time! We purchased two “girls” and one turned out to be a boy.
  • I am an archer and I shoot a 30lb longbow.
  • I can quote the entire Extended Edition of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy word for word, with sound effects, musical hand waving, and more.
  • I created a pattern for and knit micro-preemie socks for babies in a local NICU.
  • If I’m not on fire while playing Destiny 2, I’m not really playing the game.
  • The only sports I care about are hockey and the Olympics… oh, and curling.

Disclaimer: This blog may contain affiliate links from which I will earn a small amount, if you purchase an item through these links. All proceeds go to purchasing supplies for Micro-Preemie socks that are knitted by hand and donated to a local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Thank you for your kind support.