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Knittering; Micro-preemie socks

My mother is a Registered Nurse who works in a local Neonatal ICU as one of their Head Nurses. It is a very busy unit, one of the busiest in the hospital, and requires specialized care be given to the patients. About a year ago, she asked if I could make socks for the micro-preemie babies in the unit and I thought to myself, “Why not?” After all, you’re not really a knitter until you’ve knit a sock. 😛

What is a micro-preemie, you ask? Well, in my mom’s NICU, a micro-preemie is a baby born between 23 to 26.6 weeks gestational age. For reference, a full term pregnancy lasts 39 to 40+ weeks.

These premature infants are not able to regulate their own temperature. Their brains, eyes, lungs, and other vital organs are not developmentally mature. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and dedication by nurses and love from parents to help these infants be discharged home.

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