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Movie Review | The Wave

So, let’s talk about The Wave.

The Wave is a Norwegian disaster film, discovered on Netflix, which I was pleasantly surprised to find was actually a good disaster movie.

First things first, I strongly suggest you watch this movie with the original Norwegian audio track and English subtitles. The English dubbed version automatically started and was so bad that I nearly stopped watching entirely.

The Wave is a tsunami disaster movie, but it is unique in that it isn’t an oceanic wave rather it is the threat of a landslide caused tsunami in a fjord! How cool is that? For me, that’s pretty cool.

The film begins by introducing us to the geologist Kristian as he prepares his family to move to the big city. Not only will they be leaving their small fjord community, but Kristian will also be leaving behind the mountain that he has monitored for years.

And as the head geologist/scientist, Arvid, says,

These mountains… once they grab you, they never let go.

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