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Music Minute | Suicide Mission by Jack Wall

Probably one of the best pieces of music in the entire trilogy of games, Suicide Mission gets your heart pumping from the get go!

This is one of the most stressful parts of the entire trilogy, as you’re racing the clock in order to keep your crew alive against overwhelming odds in the Collector Base. I love this song to absolute pieces, because it brings me right back to the game each time I hear it.

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Music Minute | The Normandy Reborn by Jack Wall

In the desperate hope that 2020 is the year a Mass Effect remake or remaster is announced, I have been playing through the trilogy of games on my PS3. As of this posts writing, I need only three achievements and I will have 100% completion of the trilogy! Whoohoo!

This is such an amazing series of games that playing it feels a little like coming home, especially in the second game when you see your Normandy reborn. Every time, I get shivers up my spine, goosebumps down my arms, and tears in my eyes as she is revealed.

Much of the credit for that reaction goes to the music, because this song is absolutely perfect. Just listening to it is enough to make me smile and feel a sense of nostalgia for my ship and the family on board her. 😀

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Music Minute | Carry Me Far by Scntfc

Old Man’s Journey was the first video game that I played in 2020 and it was such a great way to start gaming! It’s a super cute, indie game about an elderly gentleman finding his way home to his family. The puzzles are fun, sometimes challenging, and the music is amazing…

Carry Me Far plays during the train portion of the game and I could listen to this song over and over and over again, it’s that good!

I reviewed Old Man’s Journey and that post can be found HERE.

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