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Book Review | On Fire by Drew Zachary

There is so much that I like about On Fire by Drew Zachary that I can’t even cover it all.

If there is one thing that will instantly draw the eye, it would be Firefighters or other officers of the law in uniform.  Regardless of why they are drawing your eye, you’ve got to admit that a person just looks good in uniform.  Am I right?  Yeah, I know you’re agreeing with me.

There a moment where Sam allows Robert to hurt him because the older man himself is hurting from things that happened at work and Sam thinks it will help him.  Usually this would be a hard-stop for me, but its such a brief, one-time moment that I was still able to enjoy reading this book.

Sam is a bouncy, genuinely like-able character (even if he has WAY too much energy in his small body, it makes me tired just reading about it, lol) and Robert is the kind of settled, solid guy people dream of settling down with.  Luckily for Sam, that’s exactly what he gets to do.  And the epilogue is a perfect glimpse into Sam and Robert’s future together.

I’ll let you in on a secret, the sequel is really good too.  🙂

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