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Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday for February 25: Characters I’d Follow On Social Media (submitted by Tilly @thebiblioshelf)

This post was both fun and stressful. It was surprisingly difficult to think of ten characters that I would actually follow on social media, if they had accounts in real life, so I ended up cutting the number down to just five. Sorry, I failed the challenge this week. D:

I chose to include video game characters because I think that video games are just another kind of storytelling and, if done correctly, can be even more enthralling than a book!

If only we could hear what space hamster was thinking during her adventures on the Normandy SR-2 with Commander Shepard and crew.

Space Hamster would have the best commentary, lol.

Reading or watching The Martian gives you a pretty good idea of what Mark Watney is thinking at any moment in time.

Can you imagine reading as he live-tweeted his Martian adventures?

Ah, Shax.

So excitable and encouraging and… scarily fond of grenades, lol.

This character from Destiny 2 would have the most encouraging and LOUD posts on social media, ever!

Stevland of Sue Burke’s AMAZING novel Semiosis is a form of intelligent life that humans never imagined finding when they began to colonize outer space.

Similar to the bamboo plant of earth, Stevland is sentient and dangerous in ways the colonists don’t yet realize… He’s also their only hope of survival.

If you tell me you aren’t interested in what Bill the Pony has to say, then we need to sit down and watch or read The Lord of the Rings.

Bill is such a steady presence for the Fellowship, is it any surprise that they got attached?

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