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Knittering; Artist’s glove

A friend of mine is an artist and asked if there was any way that I could make a glove for his pinky that would help with his work.

So, I went digging…

It took a fair bit of my Google-fu, because I had no idea what such a thing was called, but I eventually discovered a free pattern for an “artist’s glove” on Ravelry.

Because I’d never even seen this pattern before, this project took me about four hours to complete. From making a gauge to figuring out which of my needles worked best with this yarn to binding off, it was an adventure and a half.

Getting started was a little difficult, but once I figured things out, this was a fairly easy project. It’s almost entirely done in a knit stitch, so I was able to knit this up and live stream the process on Twitch while holding conversations with my viewers.

Lol, I believe that there were only a few mistakes, none of which were too noticeable or that I was unable to fix as I went along. Four hours later and I had a glove! Le woot!

It’s a little big on me, lol

I washed the glove, following the directions on the yarn label and then went ahead with blocking it so it would keep it’s shape. The edges wanted to roll in on themselves and it was a little annoying to wear. This would probably work itself out with use, but I wanted to make sure that it arrived in the best condition it could be in.

It was my first time ever blocking one of my knitting projects.

I used one of my yoga mats and some regular pins. It too absolutely forever to find the pincushion because no one could remember where they’d seen it last!

For no real reason at all, I decided not to sew in the ends until after I’d blocked this, which is why they’re all higgledy-piggledy in this picture, lol.

Packed this into an envelope, posted it, and am waiting to hear that it’s arrived safely! I hope to get a few pictures of it in use and will make sure to share them on my Instagram, if I do.

I love trying to knit new things and am super grateful that my friend suggested this, because it was an opportunity to learn a new pattern and use a new yarn (which I fell in love with).

If you have an artist friend, you should definitely think about knitting one of these up for them!


Pattern: Artist Glove by Andrea Jessica Sutinen
Yarn: Peaches & Creme Stripey in Denim
Needles: Clover Takumi 5″ Double Points, Size 4

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