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Video Game Review | Old Man's Journey

There is no dialogue in Old Man’s Journey, no speaking, no subtitles, no nothin! But, in reality, it really doesn’t need it.

Old Man’s Journey tells us the story of yes, an old man, as he travels to reconnect with the family he left behind. Through memories and flashbacks, we learn what lead him to his little house on the seashore and, ultimately, what brings him home to his family again.

This is both a sad story and an uplifting one. It reminds us to treasure each and every moment that we have with our loved ones and that it is never too late for reconciliation.

The puzzle aspect of this game is truly unique. You move land masses to get from one place to another and to unveil hidden secrets throughout the game. While it wasn’t too difficult to figure out, the difficulty level is enough to keep your brain working as you play through the game… especially when it comes to the train!

Smooth Ride was, probably, the most difficult trophy for me to earn in this game… I had to play through this portion of the game a number of times before I got it, but it was so rewarding when I finally did earn it.

Smooth Ride
Rare 33.6%
Ride the train without an intermediate stop.

Now, the music? Wow, it was just SO good! I even added a number of tracks to my Spotify favorites playlist and reviewed one of them HERE.

The soundtrack is so brilliant as it takes the place of dialogue in Old Man’s Journey. Scntfc, the composer, did an amazing job of matching each piece of music with the theme of the each chapter and the player is able to follow this story without words.

Title: Old Man’s Journey
Developer: Broken Rules
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platform: PS4
Rating: ★★★★☆
Trophy difficulty: Medium

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