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Knittering; National Craft Month

I learned this year that March is National Craft Month, which I think is pretty cool. Started back in 1994 to encourage people to learn new crafts and get back into crafting as a hobby, National Craft Month can be celebrated in any way that you like!

I chose to celebrate by knitting. Yes, yes, I know you’re surprised to hear that, lol, but here are the projects that I worked on for #NationalCraftMonth

One franken-micro-sock, because I ran out of one yarn and finished with another. I really loved working with the grey yarn and might need to see if I can buy another skein or two. 😛

Baby blanket, completed, blocked and delivered to recipient.

Washcloths, as part of a mystery knit-along on Facebook. I ended up making four of them, the pattern was so easy and relaxing!

Knit a pair of socks for my mother, my first adult-sized socks, and turns out I made them too small. Guess that guarantees that I’ll get to work on at least one more pair, lol.

I’ve actually got an entire post coming, dedicated to my first venture into sock knitting, so keep an eye out for that!

Finished some finger-less gloves for my sister. She picked out the yarn and, of course, it was full of purples!

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