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Evelyn Reads shared this awesome quiz on her blog and invited anyone interested to participate. It looked like a lot of fun (and you know how I like quizzes), so I decided to try it out. 😀


  • Take all the quizzes and record your answers.
  • No cheating, your first result is the one that counts. 😉
  • Use this post to give credit to the creator Loretta @TheLaughingListener or tag her on twitter @Laughnlistener so she can see everyone’s answers!
  • Tag some friends to spread the fun!

Quizzes & Results:

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Did you forget about Kilorn? Well you shouldn’t have! He may not be the center of attention but he has stuck by Mare since day one and didn’t even hesitate to join the Scarlet Guard. Just like Kilorn, your loyalty and bravery are your most admirable qualities. Rise, Red as the Dawn!

Shadowhunters by Cassandra Clare

Jem Carstairs & Alec Lightwood!

You’re selfless yet guarded, protective and romantic. You value those around you more than yourself, and sometimes you need to be reminded to take a moment for yourself! You’re the friend that everyone loves to have around, even if you doubt it sometimes.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass

Rowan and Asterin!

You may come off as stand-offish at first, but once a new friend earns your loyalty, they have it for life. Not without good reason. You’ve been through your fair share of struggles and are careful to protect yourself from more.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Gale Hawthorne!

A dear, dear friend you’re a big part in your loved ones’ lives. You’re loyal and dependable and always know what to say to make people feel better. You fear being left behind, but there’s no need as your loved ones care for you more than you know. Especially thanks to that lovely face of yours.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Neville Longbottom!

You’re awkward and clumsy and hate being the center of attention. But you’re brave and big-hearted and people can always trust you to help them out in a bad situation.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass


Dark, mysterious, and brooding, the shadows are at your beck and call. No one truly knows you, and that’s the way you like it. Because the real Azriel, the one behind the shadows and the spies, is simply a boy who feels unworthy of everything he has been given, especially the love and devotion of his friends and a certain blond High Fae.

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

Ronan Lynch!

You are extremely passionate, with your emotions always ranging from one extreme to the next. Although blunt most of the time, you have a tendency of keeping secrets from those close to you. You keep up a facade of toughness and badassary, but you are actually a huge softie on the inside.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Jacob Black!

Excuse me, yes, you, with the abs of steel? HELLO. Yes, you’re nice to look at, but you’re even nicer to talk to. Your loyalty knows no limits; your heart, ever expanding. Sure, sometimes you don’t like to take no for an answer, but that just means you’re determined! And hey, it worked out fine in the end, right? cough cough Renésmee cough cough

Folk of the Air by Holly Black


People may think you’re shy but you have secrets of your own. You have your own desires and will go after them, no matter what it takes.

Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


A Lunar shell confined to a satellite to aid Queen Levana with hacking and surveillance of Earthen countries. She is a petite girl with very long honey blonde hair, a heart-shaped face, and freckles. She has a very overactive imagination, and nervous around people due to her lack of social interaction growing up.


Honestly, this is just a lot of fun! There are a number of series that I haven’t read yet, but it’s fun to see how the quizzes interpret your responses anyway. If you enjoyed reading my results and are at all curious about what you’d get, then go ahead and take the quiz!

Share your results or a link to your post in the comments below so I can squee at your answers. 😀

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