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Knittering; First Adult Socks

NothingButKnit’s shared one of her sock projects in her Sock It To Me Monday post and they looked so good that I knew I had to attempt adult-sized socks… again.

I’ve been trying to knit my sister a pair of socks for nearly a year now, but I just can’t seem to get the patter to jive in my brain. It’s the Toe Up Socks pattern by Haalu and… I just can’t knit them. Maybe it’s the pattern, maybe it’s the yarn I bought, but it’s definitely been relegated to the unfinished projects bin.

Now, the Slip-It Simple Socks on the other hand have been an absolute breeze! They are knit cuff down, like my Micro-Preemie socks, and it’s easy to get into a rhythm when working on them. I knit these socks mostly while doing other things, like being in meetings or watching movies/television.

This pattern is SO easy to follow!

As for the yarn? Well, it’s a vacation yarn, which is to say that I purchased a skein of this amazingly soft, light grey yarn while on a trip back home to Wisconsin. It was really easy to work with and only occasionally did I have trouble with the strands wanting to unwind themselves (is that the right term?).

Sock number one…

Sock number two…

And, here we have the completed pair. Apologies for the subpar picture of them, I have not been able to find a sock blocker that I like… it’s on my list. 😀

One completed pair of socks, ready to be gifted to whoever’s feet fit them… Cinderella style!


Pattern: Slip It Simple Sock by Christine Long Derks
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock Yarn in a discontinued color 5697. This yarn was purchased at the Brownstone Centre in Bayfield, WI in November 2019.
Needles: Loops & Threads Size 1 – 7″ double points & Signature Needle Arts Size 1 – 9″ circular needles

2 thoughts on “Knittering; First Adult Socks

  1. Fantastic socks! I think everyone has to find the sock knitting method that works best for them. You’ll have to try Cookie A’s Monkey Socks (or the no purl Monkey Socks variation). They practically knit themselves they go so quickly:)


    1. Oh, the Monkey Socks pattern is gorgeous, but I’m sort of terrified of the lace pattern! I haven’t done any projects with a chart and they’re still scary, lol. …but I just might be tempted by these. 😀

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