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Book Review | Alphabits Series by Susi Hawke & Crista Crown (part 2)

The Alphabits series, written by Susi Hawke and Crista Crown, is a spin-off of their other series, Team A.L.P.H.A. They are a team comprised mainly of Alphas who have all chosen to specialize in cases dealing with shifter pups.

Here are my thoughts on the last three books in the series…

Book five introduces a minuscule BDSM element into the Alphabits series…

When Patton and Finn go out to meet up with an informant who is looking for help in finding the kids he considers family, Patton never expects to find his mate.

Then again, Axel (former thief, omega, and go-go dancer) only ever thought true-mates were a fairy tale. But neither man is willing to let the other go, not now that they’ve found each other.

I really liked how much Axel cares about the kids he used to run with. This story has all the earmarks of found-family (which I adore) with a little bit of thievery and, of course, an evil gang leader.

One of the other things I enjoyed in Twisted was getting to see Finn settle into his place with the Alphabits. A little bit of hazing, via catnip and laser pointers, and he finally starts to unwind a little. Can’t wait to read his book… something’s going on with this one, I can tell.

Silenced is book six in the series and sadly, my least favorite…

Our big bear shifter, Cyrus, finally meets his omega when Leaf decides to track down the man who’s scent he had smelled all over another alpha while trying to stop his brother from making bad decisions with STAHP… ALPHA’s rival organization.

I enjoyed that Cyrus had decided to take Nate, one of the kids from the last book, under his wing and how he has absolutely NO idea what to do with a teenager!

Leaf is treated as so, terribly fragile in just about every situation… especially after he gets pregnant, which seriously? Super potent alphas, we get it. *eyeroll* He keeps saying he’s stronger than Cyrus thinks, but is never really allowed to show off his own strengths. Cyrus’ family is basically the local chapter of the Russian mob, but nothing really comes of it except for a brief, VERY brief, moment of tension.

It’s not a terrible addition to the series and it was nice to see the Chucky and Morgan were able to be re-united, but it felt like it was just filling space to me.

Finally getting to Finn’s book with number 7 in the series!

Turns out, Finn’s true mate is Antonio Montoya, the leader of STAHP. He’s none too happy to discover this, but it’s hard to turn away from the draw of his true mate… maybe he can influence Antonio’s decisions and get STAHP to stop eating their victims?

I wanted SO BADLY to enjoy this book! I love Finn in every other encounter we get to see him in! But I’m sad that these last three books seem to turn omega’s into simpering messes who just want to be with their mates, pregnant and kept without any agenda of their own.

I would have love, love, loved to see Antonio actually have to work to court Finn and gain his favor. It would have been amazing for Finn to keep his backbone after meeting/mating Antonio. Instead, as soon as they get hot and heavy, he becomes the “perfect omega” ready and willing to bend over and do whatever his alpha needs.

Format: eBooks
Publisher: Hawke & Crown LLC
Source: Amazon Kindle Unlimited
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Links: Amazon || Goodreads

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