Blog | I’m a Gamer Girl (Crowdfunding Games, part 1)

I’ve long been a fan of crowdfunding projects and have supported a number of really cool things throughout the years. From a book shaped light created by Lumio to solar powered roads currently in the testing and research phase by Solar Roadways, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many a crowdfunded project go from an idea to a reality.

Crowdfunding is a great way to build excitement for your project AND lets your community of fans come together to support you! Here are just some of the games that I’ve supported in the last year and I’ll share the others when it’s closer to their release dates…

ArchRavels is a fiber artist’s dream of a board game!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love a good board game AND I also happen to love knitting and all things yarn (which you might have guessed, lol).

From the super cute yarn tokens and yarn bowls to the project cards and character sheets, ArchRavels is full of bright, colorful imagery. Played with 2-4 people, it looks like a super fun way to spend an evening hanging out with friends. I know for a fact that I will be ‘convincing’ both friends and family to play with me!

In some ways, it reminds me of games like Sorry (with it’s bright palette) and in others it’s a little bit like Life (because you have to keep track of important aspects in order to win). And speaking of winning, once all the projects have been completed, you count up your points and the player with the most wins!

ArchRavels Kickstarter page can be found HERE with concept art, videos, and some behind-the-scenes for you to enjoy.

Estimated delivery date was August 2020. Due to the Covid crisis and it’s affect on manufacturing, this has been pushed back.

Book of Travels was suggested to me by one of my online gaming friends as something he thought I’d enjoy and he was right. I love everything from the art style to the serene sounding music and the prospect of a ‘chill’ online role playing game… though I’m not sure how many of my friends will also be interested in this type of game, lol. I guess that means I get to meet people and make new friends!

The developer and publisher of Book of Travels, Might and Delight, have made a number of other games (also available on Steam). I’ve played Meadow, the online successor to their Shelter games where you play as a mother animal trying to keep her small family alive. I really enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Meadow and that it doesn’t really expect anything from you. You can run around for hours, meeting other animal avatars, finding food and hidden statues, or just seeing the admittedly gorgeous views!

Here’s hoping that Book of Travels is even better and that Might and Delight continue to create these wonderful games for the world to enjoy.

Kickstarter for Book of Travels | A serene online RPG: HERE

Estimated delivery date: October 2020.

Another cutesy game I came across is Weaving Tides where you find different dragons to repair the textile world! Each carpet dragon is capable of performing different stitches and different attacks, so it looks like you’ll need to gather each of them in order to complete the game, but really… who doesn’t want to collect dragons?

The art in this game is exactly my style, it’s just so colorful and quirky! I like the way the backgrounds are actually made of weaved cloth and that you can see different types of stitching throughout the game. The carpet dragons have their own unique looks and abilities, but they’re all adorable and I can’t wait to see them!

One thing that I’m looking forward to finding out is why the player character seems to be the only human in the world of Weaving Tides. Will this be answered in game? Only time (and playing through it) will tell.

Kickstarter page for Weaving Tides: HERE

Estimated delivery date: November 2020.

What about you?
Have you supported any crowdfunded games?

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