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Random | Yaks From Yakyakistan

On the drive home after picking up dinner on Thursday night, my sister updated me on all things My Little Pony… including a strange bit of information about the Yaks from Yakyakistan.

You can listen to that discussion here:

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It’s my last day as the library’s Cataloger and I’m not sure how to feel about that. #bereft #librarylife

Live tweeting my #LastDayCataloging at the Library today. It is a sad, sad day for me and I think I’ve given myself a stress headache. 😦

Lunch is over. Heading back to the Reference Desk. …have to walk past the Cataloging station where I worked for 8+ years. #sadness

Trying to take a break at work and coworker won’t stop talking to me. #tired #sotired #wanttobeleftalone

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Library | PIN or PIN Number?

Did you know that PIN stands for Personal Identification Number and by saying PIN Number you are essentially saying number number?  Well, it does and you are!

Working in a public library means that I have the opportunity to work with people having different levels of technological know-how. I’ve had users ask “Mouse? Isn’t that a rodent?” and others asking “How do I code an app?” There is a pretty vast range of computer knowledge in our patron base and as a library worker it is my job to meet users at their level and be able to communicate and assist them on that level.

Sometimes, this means saying PIN Number because a patron might not know or understand what a PIN actually is.

As with any opportunity to teach, I use these interactions to explain what a PIN actually is or to help familiarize the patron with the program or internet browser they are using. One of the most rewarding parts of working with the public is being able to give them knowledge they didn’t have before and the ability to use that knowledge.

So, do you say PIN or PIN number when talking to the public?