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Video Game Review | A King's Tale

After thoroughly enjoying my play through of Final Fantasy XV, when I heard there was a prequel in the PlayStation store I knew I would be playing it as well. And it was free!

Think of A King’s Tale as an old school arcade game and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the game play involved. It was certainly a trip down memory lane for me, as the graphics and combat system continually reminded me of when I was a kid playing games at the local pizza restaurant.

One of my favorite things about A King’s Tale is that you’re basically playing through Noctis’ bedtime stories, as told by his father, King Regis (hence the King’s Tale, lol). There are some throwaway lines that pay homage to Princess Bride and another that brings up a lesser known Astral, Carbuncle, who I think is the cutest thing to ever exist.

For the most part, earning trophies in A King’s Tale was a straightforward task, until I got to the last two I was missing…

To earn Combo King, you have to do all of the combos in one level. This trophy was difficult for me to earn, mainly because I kept forgetting what attacks I had already done and which ones still needed to be completed.

Sweet Dreams is truly an Ultra Rare trophy, with only 1.3% of players having earned it. The most difficult thing for me, as I worked on this trophy, was remembering to count how many enemies I had cast magic on, lol.

I enjoyed the story in A King’s Tale, even when it got a little silly… but you have to remember that this is a bedtime story being told to a child. Wouldn’t want to give Prince Noctis nightmares now, would we?

Anywhos, for a free game, you’ll get loads of enjoyment out of this title, especially if you like arcade or retro gaming.

Stats (for nerds)

Title: A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV
Developer: Square Enix
Genre: Action
Platform: PS4
Rating: ★★★★☆
Trophy difficulty: Difficult

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Movie Review | The Wave

So, let’s talk about The Wave.

The Wave is a Norwegian disaster film, discovered on Netflix, which I was pleasantly surprised to find was actually a good disaster movie.

First things first, I strongly suggest you watch this movie with the original Norwegian audio track and English subtitles. The English dubbed version automatically started and was so bad that I nearly stopped watching entirely.

The Wave is a tsunami disaster movie, but it is unique in that it isn’t an oceanic wave rather it is the threat of a landslide caused tsunami in a fjord! How cool is that? For me, that’s pretty cool.

The film begins by introducing us to the geologist Kristian as he prepares his family to move to the big city. Not only will they be leaving their small fjord community, but Kristian will also be leaving behind the mountain that he has monitored for years.

And as the head geologist/scientist, Arvid, says,

These mountains… once they grab you, they never let go.

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Movie Review | Revolt

“To live is to fight. To fight is to live” would have been the best catchphrase for this film. Inspiring and short. Instead, they chose to go with “Resist or Serve” which would have made sense… if our main character had been an alien all along and chose to turn against his masters.

Spoiler alert: he isn’t.

I really wanted to enjoy this movie, it looked entertaining and I’ve been known to enjoy B-list movies on occasion, but it just wasn’t able to bring it all together in the end… Now it took me a minute to realize this, but ultimately “Revolt” (falling short of its intended goal) comes across as a cheap knockoff of 2010 movie “Skyline.”

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Movie Review | Kingsman the Secret Service

Believe it or not, until my sister reminded me, I had entirely forgotten that it was Spring Break this week!  With my Tuesday evening suddenly free, I decided to go to to the theater and see Kingsman: The Secret Service since I’d heard how fun it was.

Please note that this post will contain spoilers.
If you have not yet seen the film, you may want to skip this post.

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Random | Specter vs. Spectre

I was cleaning out my inbox and found an email from from way back in 2014!  Yeah, I know I should clean my inbox out more often, lol.  Anyways the word of the day for November 30 was specter, of which the British spelling is spectre…

Now, some of you may be aware of this but I’ve been playing a lot of Mass Effect recently and the first thing I thought of when I saw the word of the day was the video game that I’d (by November 2014) devoted more than 100 hours of my life to.


In the Mass Effect trilogy you play a Commander in the human Alliance Navy.  Commander Shepard is a Spectre, one of the elite agents that answer only to the Citadel Council and basically have free-rein to get their assignments done in whatever way they feel is the best way.

This means that you can either play as a Paragon Shepard and unite the galaxy by building alliances or you can choose to be Renegade Shepard and, basically, rule through fear and bullying.  Either method will bring you to the climactic end of the Mass Effect trilogy and no matter which you choose, you may have lost some friends along the way.

I’m on my third play-through of this trilogy and I’ve played mostly as Paragon because many of the Renegade choices are actually quite distasteful to me.

Have you played the Mass Effect trilogy?  What did you think about it?

The other Spectre that came to mind is the recently announced addition to the Bond movie franchise.  Starring Daniel Craig as Bond, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, Ben Whishaw as the Quartermaster, and Ralph Fiennes as M (you will be missed, Judi Dench).

Based on the highly popular book series by Ian Fleming, this latest movie has me excited before I’ve even seen the first trailer or stills!  I’ve enjoyed the Craig-Bond movies and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one…

I may have to go back and watch all the movies that came before, just to be prepared.  Also because I haven’t seen the Sean Connery movies in quite a while and… well, Sean Connery!

So, are you excited about the new Bond movie?