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Movie Review | Revolt

“To live is to fight. To fight is to live” would have been the best catchphrase for this film. Inspiring and short. Instead, they chose to go with “Resist or Serve” which would have made sense… if our main character had been an alien all along and chose to turn against his masters.

Spoiler alert: he isn’t.

I really wanted to enjoy this movie, it looked entertaining and I’ve been known to enjoy B-list movies on occasion, but it just wasn’t able to bring it all together in the end… Now it took me a minute to realize this, but ultimately “Revolt” (falling short of its intended goal) comes across as a cheap knockoff of 2010 movie “Skyline.”

You have your strong male lead who is seemingly immune to the alien threat and who has made it is mission to protect his lady friend from certain death at the hands of the alien invaders.

Nadia, a soldier turned doctor, and Bo, a soldier with no memory, are supposed to have the sort of connection that comes from facing the unimaginable, but every moment they were together felt forced and awkward. Honestly, Bo and Roderick had more chemistry!

The alien drones hound their every step, but they weren’t scary in the slightest and looked like something that had been thrown together last minute on an old Windows 98 computer. On the other hand, I would have liked to have seen more of the mother ships that were abducting humans… these looked amazing and the design was both unique and a little frightening!

I did enjoy the tech genius, Roderick, though. He seemed fun and a little hardcore, so I’m wondering why they didn’t tell us more about him and where he picked up this particular set of skills.

Also, the EMP was able to stop the alien ship and the drones, but didn’t damage any human tech? Not how it works, lolz. #Nitpicky

Disliked: There was zero chemistry between the main characters, other characters were literally thrown in just to further the plot, and the story was terribly disjointed. Confusing would be putting it mildly.

In conclusion: “Revolt” was exactly that, revoltingly bad and not worth the 87-minute run time.

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