Twitter Accounts Everyone Should Follow…

Everyone needs a break from the crazy in the world today, so I’ve put together just a few of the funny, fun, and interesting Twitter accounts that I follow. I love seeing each new post from these accounts and I’m sure that you will to!



James Breakwell, of Exploding Unicorn, mostly tweets conversations he has with his daughters and they are AMAZING! I think, as we grow older, we forget just how smart and witty kids can be.

It’s always a nice break from what’s normally on social media to see another of James’ tweeted conversations… They’re just too cute!


Not only does Niwazekisho have a super cute art style that they share for FREE via their Twitter account, they also have a society6 page where you can buy various prints for your home!


Who doesn’t love the Mars Rovers? Not anyone I’ve ever met, lol. I’ve been a fan of outer space and space travel since I was a little girl and the rovers are just so captivating!

Not only can you follow Curiosity’s adventures via Twitter, you can also check out the Mission page for updates on Mars. It’s so cool!