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Random | Unshelved or Brianna?

A number of years ago my sister, Brianna, had an encounter with a patron at the Circulation Desk.  She had informed the patron that he owed a small fine and asked if he wanted to pay it that day.  The patron responded with a question, “So, how can we make this go away?”

To this day, I laugh at my sister’s response. She told the patron, as only she could, that if he paid the fine then it would go away.

And do you know what?  He was shocked enough by her response that he paid the fine that very day.

For family and friends, what are your favorite “Brianna-related” memories?

This Unshelved comic strip reminded me of that and I thought I’d share.  Click the comic to see more of the fun library-times that is the Unshelved comic series…
Unshelved strip for 1/14/2015

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