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Video Game Review | Seasons after Fall

I’m not sure what to say about Seasons after Fall, mainly because it was not at all what I thought it would be… and not in a good way.

After the first hour and a half, it began to feel like I was just following the same actions over and over again. The mechanics, which at first were interesting, quickly became clunky and annoying… after seeing the seasons change the first few times it no longer evoked any kind of awe in me.

There is one part of the game that was really interesting. You’re required to solve puzzles by blowing fog away so you can access new parts of the level. But this is only utilized the once and then it’s back to the same old actions.

Lookit this cute little sleepy fox!

The most difficult trophy for me to get was also the most annoying out of all of them. The worst part of the game is that you are doing the exact same things in the exact same locations to both progress the game and to earn trophies.

“A bird” bugged me the most because it requires you to happen to stop in the right location and SIT THERE for an extended amount of time.

Doing absolutely nothing.

At no other point in the game are you asked to pause and wait for something to magically happen, so unless you’re trophy hunting you probably won’t ever get this one.

A bird
Very Rare 12.9%
In the Woods of the Ancestors, listen carefully, find the bird and keep very still.

The story was weird and disjointed, which may have been what they were going for, but it didn’t help further the plot of the game for me. Rather, it felt like here is some random dialogue and there is a cut scene and now a different character is talking to you… but none of it felt connected.

Ultimately, other than the beautiful visuals and fun soundtrack, Seasons after Fall was kind of a disappointing waste of time. Honestly, it felt like it just dragged on for too long… maybe if they’d cut the last third of the game it would have been more fun, but towards the end I wasn’t looking forward to playing.

I’m really sad about how disappointed I am with this game, but I guess you can’t expect every game to be perfect for you. Maybe I just wasn’t the audience they were looking for?

Title: Seasons after Fall
Developer: Swing Swing Submarine
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PS4
Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Trophy difficulty: Monotonous

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